My path has not always been clear. I began my studies in engineering with an appreciation for the black and white, the correct and incorrect. When I later transitioned to illustration, I began to see the beauty and creativity in the grey. Transitioning again to packaging design, I found that it balanced both my engineering and creative mind. I have appreciated being challenged by these transitions because it developed a deep hunger for knowledge and learning agility. As I have grown, I did not leave that part of me behind.


I now look forward to the feeling of knowing I have so much to learn from every person in the room. I love the exhilarating feeling of working on something I don’t know anything about. I love to research a product that I might never buy. I thrive in a team and am fueled by the passion of those around me and wish to do the same for you.


I am Kimia Fariborz, a packaging and brand designer, editorial illustrator, and forever craving to learn. I’m adaptable, tenacious, and ready. Let’s talk about the grey.



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