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Kimia Fariborz Aerion Supersonic

Aerion Supersonic


Aerion Supersonic is an up-and-coming supersonic jet service. While it is clear and visibile that technology is at the forefront, the company's branding needed to show that Aerion was an entire luxury experience. 

The new Aerion Supersonic is about premium travel that is accommodating and seamless. Every detail from the jet interior to the flight ticket conveys the elite experience of flying with Aerion.

For the Aerion headquarters, the attributes of being streamlined and accommodating follow through for the engineers and designers as well. Close to the Aerion headquarters is also the viewing show with interactive screens that educate visitors on how Aerion is innovating in supersonic travel and how it can save you your most valuable asset, time.

One of the reasons Aerion Supersonic needed a refresh is that their current voice talks about supersonic travel as a future hypothetical rather than a reality. The Aerion website now features the ability to book flights and integrate smoothly with smart devices.

Posters are proposed to be placed in major metropolitan cities where Aerion currently flies in and out from. They feature statistics about how fast one can fly from the city they reside in to popular business destinations.