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EARTHY            RAW            TACTILE           TIMELESS           HONEST


The new line of bath and care products by Morton Salt is about being naturally undone. It is a celebration of raw, unaltered textures. This line is about the honestness of salt and your skin, not about products you can't pronounce. The new Morton Spa is about grit and grain, the rejuvenating properties of salt.

Let's touch the ground we live on. Let's use the beauty that nature has given us... because being naturally undone is about using products that come from our earth, not a lab.













Above all she is conscious . This refers to her choices in everything. What she chooses to wear, eat, and use on her skin. It comes not only from sensitivity to chemicals, but also a respect for animals and nature. What she chooses to buy is a reflection of her opinions and values; she even refers to it as a "vote."

Where the farmer's market does not supply, Trader Joe's does. Everlane is her favorite clothing company as it is responsibly sourced. She is not pretentious about her products and does not necessarily think that price equals quality. She believes that naturalness is an under-appreciated quality.

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The Morton Spa logo is the perfect balance between Morton itself and the spa extension. While the "morton" aspect of this logo, inspired by Proxima Nova, stays neutral and clean, the "spa" aspect shines. The "spa" part, inspired by Didot, has a more feminine attitude and elegant beauty.

The consideration of the "morton" part also relates back to the origins of Morton. In my logo analysis, I found the Morton Salt logo to be very bold and strong compared to the delicate illustration of the Morton Salt girl. This new part of the logo fits her appearance better while remaining neutral enough to work with "culinary" or "cleaning" versions of Morton Salt products.

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Trojan's new forms utilize similar shapes to help unite them across a discombobulated aisle. It was essential that the new form was recognizable as the types of sexual health products are often separated from each other on the shelves.

Each type of packaging is designed to serve the product it carries.

I decided to shoot my own photography for this poster. I chose a woman with beautiful skin to contrast the pale, graininess of the salt.

When my model showed up, she came in a full-glam face of makeup and a long wig. I took a few shots that you'll see below with this whole look. When I asked if she was comfortable to remove her wig and makeup, we were able to get the best, most honest shots in the entire shoot. I used her natural hair and skin in the final poster design.

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Kimia Fariborz Morton Spa
Kimia Fariborz Morton Spa
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