Desert Essence is a line of self care products that are believes it's only as great as its ingredients. This rebranding and new packaging brings that statement and the beauty of the desert to the forefront.


This commercial features three types of desert biomes: semi-arid, dry, and coastal. In this commercial, Desert Essence explores the raw elements of nature being interwoven with the delicate beauty and process that goes into each product.

Art Direction: Kimia Fariborz

Talent: Erendira Vasquez

Editor: Cookie Belknap Fernandez

Camera: David Mahmoudieh

Crew: Jalaludin Trautmann, Brandon Ruiz


This pop up shop will be featured at desert festivals and events such as the Palm Springs Film Festival and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The pop up shop features the commercial in the front amongst the products while the back is an opportunity for testing out products that are perfect for sunny environments like sunblock and the facial moisturizer.


The beauty of the desert blooms in the Desert Essence's new packaging. It is inspired by the combination of the waves of sand with Desert Essence's dedication to rigid and perfect standards in their ingredients.

The colors are inspired by warm desert sand, the golden sun, and the greenery found in semi-arid deserts.